The Defenders of Eastern
Borderland Cross
The Defenders of Lvov Cross
How to place symbols

You can already light the virtual candle, put the cross and the Polish flag to reward the heroes and the truthful with medal. You can punish the liars and traitors with placing the gallows for criminals.

Just click the button „dodaj” which is placed under the symbol you chose.

You can use the same symbol once a day. For example, if you put a flag under: Westerplatte, you can do it again after 24 hours, not earlier.

Explanation of the symbols

Symbol Description and meaning
Candle - for heroes, for those who were murdered, killed in action, to commemorate places of execution and battles.
Flag - to mark Polish battles, places of execution, Polish territories on Eastern Borderland which were lost after 1945 and for heroes and the truthful people.
Cross - for killed in action, places of the battles and execution
A medal with the inscription: "Your honour, your good name and glory will be remembered for ever" – is dedicated to heroes, truthful people and to commemorate the places of the battles and the resistance.
Fetters - for liars, demagogues and traitors
Gallows - for criminals, traitors and liars
Whip - for liars and demagogues